WordPress it self is pretty secure platform, WordPress has regular updates to patch any new and existing security holes then the question is why we need security plugin for wordpress? the answer is because of  the third party plugins and WordPress themes make it more vulnerable to security holes. So, you basically need a plugin to protects from lots of that.
let’s have a look on most popular plugins.



It’s Auto-Clean feature cleans your website without waiting for long.


How Malcare Scan your Website.

Malcare uses it’s on the server to scan each and every part of your website so nothing is ever missed. so the speed of your website will never slow down.

In less than 90 Sec you can fix a hacked website.

MalCare’s fully automated malware removal lets you get rid of all viruses and backdoor forever. The Best part? Do it instantly without waiting for hours or days.

Real-time Protection

Malcare protects the websites in realtime by blocking threads and bots. It protects in both ways

  • Round-the-clock protection 
  • Defense against malicious traffic

How Malcare work on hidden malware.

MalCare generally detects more complicated hacks that are not easily detected. like

  • Hacked Site Alert
  • Auto clean option to remove malware

Features Of MalCare

Bulk Website Updates

Update plugins, themes, or core from MalCare Dashboard for a single or multiple websites.

WordPress Hardening

Easily configure the best security practices from within the dashboard.

Login Protection

MalCare has an inbuilt Captcha-based smart login protection.

Generate Client reports

Add value to your clients by giving them the right insights to grow their business.

White Label MalCare

White-label & rebrand our service to suit your requirements.

Team Collaboration

Use the dashboard to add team members, clients, & tags for all your websites.

Why We Choose Malcare

MalCare has a very easy to use interface with the least complicated steps. MalCare behaves like an antivirus program. It scans through the files on your server to find the malicious ones. It was designed for those site owners who do not have the time or interest to learn about WordPress security. 

There are some other MalCare features that can help you manage the security of your website. This security software also allows you to generate reports to track the security of your website. MalCare, therefore, eliminates the requirement of a separate backup plugin in your WordPress website.

MalCare includes machine learning and improves the algorithm as it encounters other compromised sites. This cuts down on false positives and fixes false negatives. However, MalCare goes a step ahead with a constant evaluation of 100+ signals to stand out from the crowd.

The most amazing service is when your site is down with some complex infection. The  MalCare team personally steps in to manually handle the case. Just pass them your FTP details and they will sort your site out within hours!

The Features That Make Malcare Best Security Plugin

Get Started just in 60 sec

Provides Complete WordPress Security

There is no additional changes

MalCare’s upcoming feature includes the following:

  • Database Scanning
  • .htaccess Scanning
  • Manual IP Blocking
  • Vulnerable Plugins Alert
  • WordPress User Monitoring
  • Client Reporting
  • Performance Analysis
  • Auto-Update of Plugins
  • Spam Protection


Closing Thoughts:

Malcare is here to stay as the leading WordPress Security Solution. With innovative offsite scanning as well as machine learning. MalCare is very effective and affordable too!

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