Now-a-days email marketing is playing an important role in building up clients and expand your business. Email newsletters are designed and filled with the marketing content, are then sent to the email lists of the users/leads that your website has generated. You also need to follow the suggestions that users have made about your products and services. Sharing a killing newsletter and targeted messages turn the users into your loyal customers. There are many platforms that provide this type of service that they generate email lists and then send the newsletters, emails, promotion deals and so on to them on a scheduled time on just one click. These platforms are mostly named as Automation Platforms or CRM Platforms.

Today in this blog we will be discussing the top features of a automation marketing platform and its pros and cons as well as pricing. This platform is named as ACTIVECAMPAIGN.

ActiveCampaign is a marketing platform that combines the different aspects of marketing of businesses into integrated user friendly platform. Using ActiveCampaign you can create attractive and professional looking emails, can use social media marketing on the go, use the contacts for more information, can apply marketing automation. Above 100,000 users around the globe use and trust ActiveCampaign for their marketing needs.

This marketing tool is fast, responsive, friendly and supportive that’s why people love this and use this for their marketing needs.


Some of the top features of ActiveCampaign are as discussed below:

User Tracking/Site tracking

This feature allows you to see what a contact of your is doing on the website. The contacts are saved in the ActiveCampaign directory and their site usage and history on the site is also saved, letting you to know what’s missing in your website and what needs improvements on your website. This data is very useful in taking constructive actions to make the website more attractive and friendly. You can create a user list that have viewed your content, your service/product pricing, etc. This helps you to send an automated email based on what the user viewed. The email may be of a product/service demo or of a sale item etc.

So using this feature of ActiveCampaign you can track the users and generate leads by just sending automated emails to the site visitors. These site visitors then later become your customers and enjoys your services/products and recommend it to others. In other words they help to build up your business to stand out in the market.

Event Tracking

Using this feature of ActiveCampaign you can communicate the actions of the contacts took to ActiveCampaign. This allows you to create a marketing campaign that is highly personalized for that type of contacts only. Event tracking also allows you to notify the ActiveCampaign whenever some one logs in the site for purchasing something or making some transaction, a follow up campaign is automatically triggered. Which later on sends deals, sales and new product demos to the user that used your site for buying a product or paid for a service.

Intuitive Builder

Most of the automation tools are complex to use and the tools are so difficult to understand in the first try. But ActiveCampaign provides the intuitive builder platform that is quick and easy to use and understand. It is a drag and drop flowchart tool that is so easy to use and understand and it helps to create powerful automations within no time. The ActiveCampaign platform helps to achieve the type of automation that you want to make and run.


ActiveCampaign automation tools also include CRM and there is seamless transition from a marketing campaign to a sales campaign. The tools that were used for marketing campaigns can be used for the sales processes and CRM. So, there is no need for extra tool for sale CRM etc. ActiveCampaign provides this feature in its tools too.

Split Testing of Emails

In active campaign there is a feature called advanced split testing feature which allows the user to split the sender’s information into different categories like subject lines, emails, email body, and so on. So, you can just go to that category and find out what helps best and suits best for the customers. You can limit the contacts to whom the test version will be sent and the rest will be getting the winning version.

Conditions on the content

Using the conditional content feature you can change or alter the content based on the contacts. This feature best suits and used when you want to send notification emails to your contact about a sale, you can use this to display only specific products that the contact has viewed in the past on your website.

Lead Scoring

ActiveCampaign gives the feature of creating unlimited lead scores. Which can have unlimited rules so you can have the control and flexibility to arrange the leads on the basis on any criteria, which are important for your company survival in the market. This can be used to start distributing the leads in the defined categories and when they reach a higher level your sales team is handed over that lead(s).

 API Integrations

ActiveCampaign provides easy to use api integrations so that it can be integrated with other platforms and apps. ActiveCampaign supports more than 150 apps and platforms and can easiy be integrated with them. Hence you can make more powerful platform using different apps with ActiveCampaign.