Gravity forms is one of the best plugin for form building in WordPress sites. The forms range from a simple contact form to a more complicated questionnaire. Many WordPress developers prefer gravity forms for the forms used in website. There are many many features in Gravity forms that makes it more popular and easier to use and inject in website.

Here are some top reasons why to choose gravity forms over any other plugin for forms in WordPress.

Exporting Entries:

Whenever the form is filled the entries are stored in the website database that can be accessed there. These form entries can also be exported to a local machine i.e. laptop, computer storage in form of the XML or CSV files that can be accessed using spreadsheet software like excel etc.

In this way the user can store the entries for a longer period of time as required by the user.

Styling the form:

Gravity forms allows the users to build and style the forms according to their desire or according to their website design and appearance. The user interface is also easy to use. You can also customize the default designs and themes and can build your own. The notification email can also be styled according to the web design or according to your branding.

Conditional Logic:

In gravity forms the logic jumps and conditions can be added to the fields. By just going into the field properties and options user can select the logic conditions and select what to do if it matches or the other way. These logic jumps and conditions are very important feature and allows users to make questionnaire forms easily in which the options come up based on the user selection.

Routing of notifications:

In most of the web forms when ever user fills the form an entry is received and user is also sent the email containing the information, he/she just filled. Also, there’s a notification email is sent to the owner that someone has filled the form with this information.

If you want to route the email notification to a different person then you can do this by changing the option in the email notification to volunteering and adding the email. So, when someone selects the specific option then the data is sent to a different person that is handling the data of people that are selecting that option.

Easy to build and add in website:

The user interface is very intuitive that a simple person will get used to it in just few minutes. The fields are easy to drag and drop in the builder.

After building the form the owner can embed or inject the form in the website according to the need.

So, this is easy to build and embed in the web-pages. The form will have a specific name id that is then copy pasted and added in the page in the back end.

Payment Integrations:

In gravity forms if the user wants the form to be used for the online shopping or online orders then the payment integrations are present in gravity forms that can be set up using the details of the specific account and products pricing. It can have multiple products with multiple options. Also this widget calculates the shipping as well.

So, online shopping made easy with this widget.

Formatted data and fields:

In gravity forms the user can change the way someone fills the specific fields according to their interest. The user can change the format of cell phone number or date fields and so on.

Allowing the users to format the data makes them easier to read and further processing.

Conversion Data and Analytics:

The main purpose of the forms is to generate business leads and store them in the databases. Gravity forms have their built-in analytics that shows the users about the form entries and conversions, more precisely provides the complete analytics of the forms that are in your website.

Creating user generated data:

Gravity Forms can be added in the posts of the website or in any web-page.

The users can add the body of the post, select the categories for the post and can also add the media into the form using gravity forms.

Multi-page Form:

In gravity forms users can add multi-page forms with few fields on each page and then the client have to press next for the next page. These forms can be of many pages as required and can have the condition logic that work on the basis of selection user made during filling the form.

Multi-page forms look and works great and mostly people use these forms for their websites. These forms are different from the simple one-page forms with few fields, they can be of 4 to 5 pages or more.

Upload file option:

In gravity forms you can add upload file field to get the files, documents, images, media from the clients. The upload size is limited by gravity forms and you can also change that. File type can also be specified so that the client only uploads the required file type.

Licenses and their price:

Gravity form offers three packages with the different prices and features:

  • Basic License costs $59 per year
  • Pro License costs $159 per year
  • Elite License costs $259 per year

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In short, the gravity forms plugin is great for marketing or online store websites and they work great in these environments. Also, users can generate leads from their websites using gravity forms directly into their websites and enhance their business.

We too recommend gravity forms for the WordPress based websites in order to build, analyze, collect leads.

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